• Reading is a big focus in our classroom.  Be patient with your child as some are still building their fluency (reading the words),  Here are some strategies to try at home:

    Instead of simply telling him to “sound it out,” try these tricks:

    • Say nothing. Give him a chance to figure it out.
    • Say, “Look at the picture.”
    • Say, “Let’s get the first sound.” 
    • Say, “What would make sense?” Even if he gets the wrong word, you can say “Yes, it’s a kind of house, but the author chose a different word. Look at the first letter and see if you can get it now.” 
    • Say, “Chunk it.” Are there smaller words in the bigger ones (e.g., ‘going’ has the word ‘go’ in it)?
    • Say, “Let’s reread.” Before you tell your child the word, see if he can re-read the sentence and get it with a “running start.”


    Taken from http://www.scholastic.com/parents/resources/article/developing-reading-skills/reading-comprehension-and-decoding-strategies