Grandparents Day IMPORTANT



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Grandparents Day IMPORTANT

“Notes” from the Music Teacher

Dear Parents,

The students are working very hard preparing for their upcoming grandparents day show on Friday, November 17th. It is imperative that grandparents know their grandchild’s teacher’s last name so we may direct them on the day of the show. Here is the show schedule:

9:00- Wobbe, Coursey, Coppage

10:00- Gill, Inman, Quinn, Mariano

11:00- Woodfield, Fulton, Clark, Athey

12:30- Forte, Emery, Klakrin, Stasny

1:30- Stockton, Usilton, Farmer, Rorabaugh

2:30- Wilson, Nicholson, Forrest


What should they wear? Students should wear their fancy party clothes for the show. I would love it if all the children were dressed in fall colors however it is not a requirement, merely a suggestion.

Notes on Parents attending Grandparent’s day: We have a small facility here are CES and Grandparents day tends to be a VERY crowded day.  I kindly ask that parents do not come to the grandparents day performance to avoid overcrowding in the small gym (unless of course a child has no one there for them on the special day). Parents are  invited to Thursday's informal dress rehearsal (same time as G/P day schedule). If you cannot make either performance, I suggest you ask a friend who can attend to video tape the performance! 

Lunch Time: We cannot fit Grandparents in the cafeteria during lunchtime. Centreville has some lovely restaurants that Grandparents may visit during lunch time. Please relay this information to the Grandparents ahead of time so they may make lunch plans and be prepared for leaving during lunchtime.

I would LOVE volunteer help! There is a lot to do in the music room for G/P day and other events. If you are interested in volunteering to help the music program please contact me at Currently I need help with decorations, Burning CD’s and putting stickers on the CD’s. I would love the help of a creative parent with decorating the stage for the show!  I also have some simple busy work like cutting laminations that can be done at home. Thank you!!!!

2nd Grade Holiday Show:  All second grade students are participating in an early evening Holiday Music Concert. Students will wear their fancy holiday party clothes! Dates are TBA.

Thank you! If you have any questions please e-mail me at