• What is the Difference Between AP Physics and Academic Physics? 

    1. Content: 
      1. In AP Physics, we only cover Mechanics. However, we go much more into depth with the concepts. This is done in a variety of ways that will be explained. 
    2. Time duration: 
      1. This course is a full year long. 
    3. Testing: 
      1. The AP test for this course occurs in May each year. You have the option to take the test be you are not required to. The AP test does not factor into your grade. 
      2. Should you decide to take the AP test, you can have the fee waved if you get reduced lunch. See your guidance counselor for more assistance. 
    4. Responsibilities: 
      1. Students are more responsible for keeping up with assignments and due dates. They choose where to record their assignments and how they wish to do so, if at all. (Although it is suggested). 
      2. You are provided with a unit outline that gives you the tentative due dates and schedule for that entire unit. 
      3. You take your own notes, in the form you prefer. No more handouts. (it is suggested that you DO take notes however.) 
    5. Math: 
      1. This course uses Calculus concepts as well as Algebra. 
    6. Labs: 
      1. Over 20% of the course is based on labs that are very student led and inquiry based. There are some labs that have defined instructions and handouts to follow, however there are also very many labs where students will be faced with a challenge or task and expected to problem solve with their group. 
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