• What is Physics?  

    Physics is the study of the physical world around us.  This course has 8 Units: 

    1. Kinematics - The study of Motion 
    2. Forces and Interactions - Newton's Laws 
    3. Momentum - Collisions
    4. Energy, Work and Power
    5. Force Fields and Kepler's Laws - Planetary Motion, gravity. 
    6. Circuits 
    7. Energy 
    8. Waves and Information Transfer

        We do not get to go into as much depth for each topic due to the time constraint (1 semester). In college, these topics would likely be spread over 2 or 3 Semester long courses. This class gives students a "sampler" of all of them. If students would like to continue pursuing Physics, the AP Physics course is a year long course that focuses just on the Mechanics portion of Physics. 

        This class has a Pre-Test and a Final Exam. There are several unit tests during the year, as well as projects and labs. 

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