Concert Etiquette

  • Dress for the occasion.  Attending a live performance is often a special occasion.  It costs money and takes special plans.  Dress up to celebrate the special occasion.
    Be prompt.  Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the performance venue and be seated.  Give yourself time to review the program before the performance starts. 
    Be considerate.  If you have to pass in front of people in your row to get to your seat, say "excuse me" or "pardon me."  Do not leave your seat again until intermission or until the performance is over.
    Respect Property.  Do not spread your personal belongings on the seats around you even if they are empty.  All hats should be removed when entering a performance venue.  Never put your feet on the seat ahead of you.
    Keep quiet.  Coughing, whispering or unwrapping gum or candy will disturb your neighbors and the performers.  Turn off your watch, pager and cell phones.
    Participate.  Bring your active listening and imagination skills to the performance.  Let your emotions respond to the message and environment of the theatre.
    Stay.  Stay and enjoy the entire performance.  Do not leave once the performance has begun except in a case of an emergency. 
    Appreciate.  Applaud at the end of the performance to show that you appreciate the talent and preparation of the performing group.  Give a standing ovation to the truly extraordinary performances. 
    Spread the word.  If you have enjoyed a performance, share the good news with others.  The recommendation of a friend or acquaintance can bring greater numbers of people to the performance. 
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