• Real Life Topics 

    Dear Matapeake Middle School Parent(s) and Guardian(s):

    On October 18th,  Matapeake Middle School had an assembly, called:  “Real Life Topics.”  This assembly was sponsored by the Queen Anne’s County Sheriffs Department.  You should have already received a letter from the Office of the Sheriff outlining the topics that were discussed.  Please take this opportunity to talk with your children concerning the seriousness of these issues and the consequences that students could receive as a result of their actions.  

    The administration and staff work diligently to keep our students safe during the school day. However, we will need all of your help and support in helping our students make good choices. Please be vigilant about monitoring your child’s cell phone use and his/her participation on social media or other inappropriate websites.

    Please take this opportunity to review the Parent & Student Handbook 2017-2018. Administrators would like parents to pay particular attention to the sections of the Handbook that address bullying, cyber bullying, harassment and intimidation, and hazing and bias behavior.  The administrative responses to the above behaviors can have infractions (Level 1-5) imposed on students.  Students could be detained, expelled, or placed in an alternative setting. Refer to the discipline codes found on pages 46-48 of your Handbook.  Also, review the policy/ procedures, and consequences for inappropriate cell phone use at the middle school (p. 27-28).  The offenses for inappropriate cell phone use is outlined and disciplinary infractions will be imposed.

    Matapeake Middle School administrators and staff will continue to promote a nurturing and safe learning environment for all students.  Please do not hesitate to call me at 410-643-7330.

    Sincere Thanks,

    Dr. Lois W. McCoy, Principal