• Cardio-Fit Project

    The Partnering for Youth Cardio-Fit Project (C-FP) inspires youth to embrace the positive, preventative actions necessary to enjoy a lifetime of cardiovascular health. C-FP teaches students the science behind nutrition and physical activity to understand the link between 'what' and 'why;' what they are told to do for their health and why it is important for their bodies. With the confidence, skills, motivation and knowledge of the scientific connection between diet and exercise, students are equipped to take personal responsibility for the choices determining their future health. C-FP resources and experiences implementing the project are shared with other youth programs in hopes of inspiring more children to learn the value of a personal, lifelong commitment to fitness and nutrition on behalf of their cardiovascular health.

    For 25 years, PFY has successfully used research-based after school program design to offer enrichment and recreational activities to youth in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. PFY’s global program goals are to provide a safe and positive after school environment, strengthen attachment to school and community, improve academic success, enhance physical fitness and personal well-being and heighten family investment through involvement.

    Support for the development of the Cardio-Fit Project is funded by
    AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation
    Connections for Cardiovascular HealthSM
    and Chesapeake Charities

    A free Cardio-Fit toolkit is available to any youth organization.
    Please contact Kim Umberger:  kimberly.umberger@qacps.org or 410-758-4584. 

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