Exact Path is designed to help bridge the learning gap that may have occurred during the COVID-19 school closure period.  Every student in grades 9-12 will have access to the online instructional program. The program focuses on the areas of reading, language arts, and mathematics and is individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. Exact Path is an online program that requires the use of a computer. 

    Grades 6th-12th will also have access to COVID-19 Critical Content Modules. These modules are available for all students in 6th-12th grade and allows each student to access online, content-specific curricular units in English/Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, World Language, and Career and Technology Education. These units are designed to reinforce specific content covered during the school closure period.

    These modules will provide enhancement for content that was covered in 4th quarter.  These modules will reinforce content in specific subject areas and are highly recommended for your students to complete.