• Centreville Middle School

    Health and Physical Education Syllabus 2020

     Michael Kern


    Dear CMS Parents and Students,

             We are anxious to begin a new and exciting year!  Physical Education and Health are integral part of your child’s total educational program.  Studies show that students who participate in physical activity each day exhibit improved memory, concentration, communication, problem solving, and leadership abilities; which improve their learning in other subject areas.  Such students also display more positive attitudes towards themselves, improved interpersonal behavior, and willingness to meet and deal with challenges of daily life. 

    Contact information:

    Email:   michael.kern@qacps.org


    Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9:00 am-11:15 am) (3:00 pm- 3:15 pm)



             8th Grade-11:45-12:15

             6th Grade-12:30-1:00

             7th Grade-2:00-2:30


    *Physical Education will be taught during Quarter 1 (9/1-10/30)

    *Health Education will be taught during Quarter 2 (11/4-1/25)

     **We will be using an A day and B day schedule.  Students will meet every other day for this class.     

    This will be a challenging year at CMS.  We will be exploring new ways to enhance communication and learning through digital technology, Schoology, our new on-line learning platform.  We are looking forward to using the tools that will truly prepare our students for 21st century careers.


    Methods of Digital Instruction:

    •         *Schoology -- platform used for announcements, assignments, etc.

    *Google meets


    Grading:  There are separate grades in Powerschool for Physical Education and Health.  Both classes will have progress assessments and occasional mastery assessments for the semester.  Students may redo progress assessments.  A progress assessment can be redone one time up until the mastery assessment.  Students will not be allowed to redo mastery assessments.

    Michael Kern                    


    410-758-0883                                                                                                                                                  Fax:  410-758-4447

    Our home page with additional information:  http://qacps.schoolwires.net/cms