ArtScene | the Podcast: Celebrating QACPS Teachers with “Best of” Episodes This Summer

ArtScene - Best of Visual Arts

CENTREVILLE — ArtScene | the Podcast has brought the impact of sharing award-winning Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (QACPS) teachers’ stories to light, giving the public a glimpse into how great educators navigate their inspiring lives. Throughout July and August, ArtScene | the Podcast invites you to revisit these impactful journeys through two special “Best of” episodes.

These episodes will feature powerful moments from our Top 10 most downloaded podcasts.

The month of July features: Visual Arts and Media, highlighting:

  • Cassie Hosler: Church Hill Elementary Art Teacher and QACPS 2022 Teacher of the Year. Hear about her journey from doubting her career choice to becoming an award-winning art educator. Cassie shares how her experiences as a Counselor for a Drug and Alcohol Clinic and a Correctional Counselor for inmates, including those in maximum security prison on Death Row, shaped her compassionate approach to teaching.
  • Stephanie Zeiler: Queen Anne’s County High Art Department Chair and Lead QACPS Visual Arts Teacher, 2023 NAEA National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Sponsor of the Year, and a two-time Scholastic Art National Medalist educator. Learn how her championing the Visual Journaling movement in QACPS and early successes in 2018 paved the way for these national recognitions. Her NAHS students earned nearly two million in scholarships this year alone, and QACPS’ first National Gold Medal in 2022 and a Scholastic National Silver Medal and New York Life Award in 2024.
  • Heather Gray and Danielle Lowe: Media Specialists at Kennard Elementary and Kent Island Elementary. Discover how they promote reading motivation through student choice and create transformative library spaces. They delivered their first statewide presentation at the SAILOR E-Resources Symposium through the Maryland State Library Resource Center, sharing the science behind e-resources and curating fun choice boards for Kindergarten through Fifth grade classrooms. Learn about their innovative, arts-integrated activities, including Dot Day, Book Tastings, and how Media Specialists across QACPS create their own ‘March Madness’ around book choices.
  • Andrea Schulte: Kent Island High Art Department Chair and QACPS 2023 Teacher of the Year. Rewind a glimpse of her path from studying Art Therapy to helping students with developmental disabilities achieve success. Schulte’s students have earned over $1 million in scholarship offers in the past two years. She has also been awarded the 2023 MAEA Secondary Art Educator of the Year, The Arc of Maryland’s 2024 School Inclusion Award in 2024, and helped students earn the district’s first NAEA Rising Star Award, presented to just 1% of all NAHS students across the entire country, and KIHS’ first Scholastic Art National Gold Medalist in 2024.

“We are our stories. Stories change people, and great teachers know how to connect with their students by getting to know their stories. I hope everyone enjoys revisiting highlights from Visual Arts and Media this July, and look forward to Performing Arts to take the stage in August!” shared Michael Bell, Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts and Media, and creator/host of ArtScene | the Podcast.

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