ArtScene | the Podcast Features QACHS Choir Director Luke Whitehair

CENTREVILLE — On November 1st “ArtScene | the Podcast” introduces a captivating podcast featuring Queen Anne’s County High’s (QACHS) Mr. Luke Whitehair, a beloved figure in our local music education scene with a remarkable journey and profound impact on both choral and band communities in QACPS. Tune in on: or on Spotify.

Mr. Luke Whitehair playing the piano

Mr. Whitehair, who has dedicated over two decades with QACPS, has been with QACHS since 2021, with a rich history as a Choral Director and former Band Director at Kent Island High School and Stevensville Middle School. He has also had the honor of serving as past President of the Eastern Shore Choral Directors Association and has become a trailblazer in finding innovative ways to encourage students to sing.

The podcast, hosted by Michael Bell, Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts, kicks off with a heartfelt question from Bell, asking Mr. Whitehair what he’s most known for, to which he proudly responds, “Acapella Choir.”

Throughout the podcast, discover the dedication and passion that Mr. Whitehair brings to his role. He also shares positive personal stories about raising a family in the county in which he works for, and reminisces about his diverse career journey, which has seen him switch seamlessly between teaching chorus and band.

Mr. Luke Whitehair seated at a piano, laughing

One of the most inspiring aspects of Mr. Whitehair’s journey is his deep commitment to helping students achieve their musical dreams. He traces his passion for music education back to a pivotal moment when a teacher told him he couldn’t join the band.

“When I was told I couldn’t do it, I decided right then that was what I was going to do,” shared Whitehair. 

That kind of determination has helped Mr. Whitehair inspire other students to realize their dreams. And, while he’s spent his career in Queen Anne’s County, prior to his teaching experiences in Maryland, he worked supervising youths placed in residential juvenile facilities, in addition to temporary duty assignments in aftercare programs as a liaison between the Department of Health and Human Services, Juvenile Probation Officers, and the public-school system in Grove City, Pennsylvania. These experiences have reinforced the importance of treating everyone with respect and the positive impact of nurturing meaningful relationships.

Tune in to “ArtScene | the Podcast” for this episode and more on Spotify or at Also available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, or wherever you get your favorite podcast.  

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