Teacher & Staff Directory

at Queen Anne's County Public Schools

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3rd Grade
Ms. Shannon Atkinson
3rd Grade
Ms. Brandie Martensson
3rd Grade
Jean Pentolino
Ms. Jean Pentolino
3rd Grade
Ms. Courtney Pullen
Ms. Courtney Pullen
3rd Grade Teacher
Rebecca Rickabaugh
Ms. Rebecca Rickabaugh
3rd Grade
Marianna Wentz
Ms. Marianna Wentz
3rd Grade
4th Grade
Kelly Elmlund
Ms. Kelly Elmlund
4th Grade
Alexis Kelser
Ms. Alexis Kelser
4th Grade Teacher
Ashlee Rotert
Ms. Ashlee Rotert
4th Grade Teacher
Juliet Sonneveldt
Ms. Juliet Sonneveldt
4th Grade
Katie Taylor
Ms. Katie Taylor
4th Grade
Christine Well
Ms. Christine Wells
4th Grade
5th Grade
Amanda Boggs
Ms. Amanda Boggs
5th Grade
Duan Connolly (Wright)
Ms. Duan Connolly
5th Grade
Angela Gardner
Ms. Angela Gardner
5th Grade
James Macedo
Mr. James Macedo
5th Grade
Sara Towers
Ms. Sara Towers
5th Grade
Special Education Team
Christina Brucker
Ms. Christina Brucker
School Psychologist
Paula Kougoures
Ms. Paula Kougoures
Special Educator
Molly Melvin
Ms. Molly Melvin
Speech Pathologist
Ryan Pentolino
Mr. Ryan Pentolino
PACS Teacher
Stephanie Ramsey
Ms. Stephanie Ramsey
Special Educator
Ms. Elizabeth Stanton
Special Educator
Unified Arts Team
Christopher Adelsberger
Mr. Chris Adelsberger
Physical Education
Candace Brush
Ms. Candace Brush
Art Teacher
Sharon Murdoch
Ms. Sharon Murdoch
Monica White
Ms. Monica White
Music Teacher
Ms. Shaina Wolf
Permanent Substitute and Para-Educators Team
Ms. Stacey Schulz
Permanent Substitute
Stephanie Fowler-Hoofnagle
Ms. Stephanie Fowler-Hoofnagle
Ms. Cara Perticone
Ms. Alyssa Schneider
Ms. Momina Anser
ELL Tutor
Ms. Angela Harper
Reading Tutor
Administration & Staff
Instructional Leadership Team
Louisa Welch
Ms. Louisa Welch
Nancy Crim
Ms. Nancy Crim
Teacher Specialist
Karen Hipps
Ms. Karen Hipps
Reading Specialist
Michele Gant
Ms. Michele Gant
School Counselor
Alison Todd
Ms. Alison Todd
Math Specialist
Administrative Support Team
LaDonna Morrison
Ms. LaDonna Morrison
Front Office Secretary
Mary Jo Perticone
Ms. Mary Jo Perticone
Administrative Secretary
Jessie Snoberger
Ms. Jessica Snoberger
School Nurse
Custodial Team
William Ryans
Mr. William (Junior) Ryans
Ms. Christal Jones
Sodexo Cafeteria Team
Lyn Butler
Ms. Lyn Butler
Cafeteria Team
Lisa Hondros
Ms. Lisa Hondros
Cafeteria Team