Ms. Lori Rossbach
English Language Arts Teacher

We are going to have an adventuresome year with our new online platform: Schoology! I think you will really like it. Our focus this year is on exploring works by professional writers, unearthing their secret techniques, and then practicing with those techniques as we create our own works of fiction and nonfiction. In the same way an artist applies precise brush strokes to create specific effects on canvas, we’ll apply precise word choices to create specific styles of communications. That’s why we call our class English Language Arts--we are language artists!
To prepare yourself for success, be sure to keep your mind sharp by reading for at least 20 minutes, every day. Reading is a terrific work-out for your brain, so be sure to immerse yourself in words everyday. That way, they’ll be stored up in your mind for easy access when you need them. Applying the right words at the right time helps you power through any situation. Your words are your power!
If you have something you’d like me to know about you, be sure to reach out to me through email or Schoology classroom comments. I can’t wait to work with you!