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Masks No Longer Required in QACPS Schools & Buses

As of February 25, 2022, masks are no longer required in QACPS schools and buses. Masks are optional and each individual’s choice should be respected. Learn more here.

Community Letter from Superintendent Saelens – 12/21/21

Please click below for a community letter from Dr. Saelens

Community Letter

Weekly COVID Data

Please note, we no longer collect this information.

The information provided is to keep community members aware of the latest information regarding positive COVID-19 cases among staff and students at QACPS. The number posted on Friday includes data from Saturday – Friday. 

The data below reports the new CONFIRMED POSITIVE CASES among QACPS staff and students in the specified seven-day period. These numbers are for this time period only and are not cumulative. Data is updated every Friday afternoon when school is in session. 

The content contained on this website is dependent on the expectation that QACPS parents/guardians and staff self-report confirmed positive cases. QACPS relies on self-reporting or confirmation from the Queen Anne’s County Health Department for all positive cases. Therefore, the information contained herein includes only students and staff who have tested positive and may not accurately reflect the total number of positive cases of COVID-19 within the QACPS community at-large.

Week ending February 25, 2022

ARISE Academy – 0
Bayside Elementary – 3
Centreville Elementary – 3
Church Hill Elementary – 1
Grasonville Elementary – 1
Kennard Elementary – 4
Kent Island Elementary – 0
Matapeake Elementary – 0
Sudlersville Elementary – 4
Centreville Middle – 1
Matapeake Middle – 1
Stevensville Middle – 0
Sudlersville Middle – 0
Kent Island High – 0
Queen Anne’s County High – 2
BOE – 0
Operations – 0

Week ending January 28, 2022

ARISE Academy 2
Bayside Elementary 3
Centreville Elementary 14
Church Hill Elementary 10
Grasonville Elementary 6
Kennard Elementary 12
Kent Island Elementary 8
Matapeake Elementary 5
Sudlersville Elementary 14
Centreville Middle 8
Matapeake Middle 7
Stevensville Middle 14
Sudlersville Middle 5
Kent Island High 11
Queen Anne’s High 10
Operations 0


Staff Covid Flow Chart

Safe Return to School Plan

CDC Guidance for K-12

Maryland At-Home Positive COVID Test Portal


To self-report a positive at-home test, please contact your school nurse.