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Elementary Health Education

Health education is aligned to the Maryland State Health Education Framework and is integrated into both Science and Physical Education throughout the elementary school grades. One special program is Family Life and Human Sexuality. This unit of study addresses physiological and personality changes associated with maturation. This program is part of the fifth-grade science curriculum taught separately by gender. Parents may elect for their child not to participate in sections of Family Life and Human Sexuality content. Please see below for resources and additional information about this program.

Middle School Health Education

At the middle school level, Health is a quarter-long class. There are two highlighted areas at this level. They are Family Life and Human Sexuality taught in grade seven. The curriculum deals with physical maturation, anatomy, abstinence, birth control, human reproduction, and childbirth.  Parents may elect for their child not to participate in sections of this content.

High School Health Education

At the high school level, the health education program is designed to help students examine personal lifestyles and make plans to attain and maintain optimal health. The curriculum that is taught in conjunction with 45 days of physical education is generally taken in the ninth grade. Major topics covered are decision making, drug use, risk-taking behaviors, nutrition, emergency response, diseases, Family Life and Human Sexuality, and current issues. Like middle school, parents may elect to forego sections of the Family Life instruction for their child via written request. Additionally, students in High School Health Education will be instructed on cardiopulmonary resuscitation that includes hands-only CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator.

Family Life & Human Sexuality

Family Life is taught in 5th, 7th and 10th grades. The curriculum is prescribed by the Maryland Department of Education (MSDE) Skills-Based Health Standards and by COMAR 13A.04.18.03, as well as national health education standards.

A student may be excused from the Human Sexuality unit upon written request. Any feedback or concerns regarding these curricular materials may be sent directly to Mr. Michael Page at [email protected].

Below you will find additional resources that can assist in supporting your child’s health and wellness. We encourage parents and guardians to review the material before sharing the information with your students.

Health & Wellness Resources

Student Nutrition, Health and Wellness Policy
Health Education and Family Life and Human Sexuality COMAR 
Maryland State Department of Education in Health  
Triennial Wellness Assessment
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Maryland Health Department


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