Social Studies

Curriculum Departments
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Elementary School Social Studies Education

The elementary program provides students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd with basic knowledge about rules, family, community and citizenship progressing into a focus on Queen Anne’s County history. In 4th grade, students focus on regions of the United States including in-depth study of Maryland history including a study of government, economics and geography. The elementary program concludes in 5th grade with a study of past and modern United States history that also includes more in-depth exploration of government, economics and geography.

Middle School Social Studies Education

In middle school, students begin studying Ancient World History in 6th grade, followed by Modern World History in 7th grade. Also in 7th grade, students participate in a unit on financial literacy including participation in the Stock Market Game. Finally, in 8th grade, students study United States History part I, covering the founding of the nation through post civil war reconstruction.

High School Social Studies Education

The high school program is rooted in three required courses for graduation: United States History, American Government, and World History. All students must pass the American Government High School Assessment (HSA) in order to graduate. In addition to these courses, several Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered including: AP Government, AP US History, AP World History, AP Human Geography, and AP Psychology.


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