• Gifted and Talented Program


    Students come to our schools with unique combinations of abilities and talents, learning rates, learning styles, and learning experiences.  We believe that our schools have the responsibility to:

    • recognize demonstrated and potential talents.
    • provide flexible and multifaceted programs which enable students

      with talent to attain full potential in a variety of appropriately

      challenging learning environments.

    The philosophy adopted by Queen Anne’s County Public Schools reflects contemporary knowledge and thinking about the nature of giftedness, recognizes “talent behaviors,” and fosters the development of an inclusive, rather than an exclusive, approach to gifted/talented education.
    Definition of Giftedness

    Gifted and Talented students are those students with outstanding talent and ability who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with their chronological peers. These students exhibit high performance capability in intellectual, creative and/or artistic areas, possess an unusual leadership capacity, or excel in specific academic fields. Because of their unique ability, gifted and talented students have distinctive educational needs that require differentiated learning opportunities.


    Types of Services at Matapeake Middle School

    Differentiated Instruction
    Modifying curriculum and instruction according to content, process, or product to meet unique student needs in the classroom.


    Cluster Grouping

    A grouping assignment utilized for gifted students in a heterogeneous classroom.  Typically five or six gifted students with similar needs, abilities, or interests are “clustered” in the same classroom. This allows the teacher to more effectively differentiate assignments for a group of advanced learners rather than one or two students.


    After School Enrichment Clubs

    Interest related clubs that meet after school hours.  Participation is voluntary and transportation is not provided.  Examples include but are not limited to NJHS, Select Singers, Jazz Band, Environmental Club, etc.  Please visit our Clubs and Organizations page for more details. 


    Enrichment Groups



    Grade and Subject Acceleration

    Acceleration is a strategy of progressing through education at rates faster or ages younger than the norm.  Grade acceleration occurs when a student advances to the next grade level at an age younger than normal.  Subject acceleration is focused on a particular area of strength such as mathematics or reading.


    Summer Centers and Camps

    MSDE has designed summer programs in partnership with public and nonpublic agencies to provide Maryland’s diverse gifted and talented students with advanced, rigorous, experiential learning opportunities that nurture these students’ talents and abilities within unique learning environments.  These centers address a variety of different areas of interest.





    If you have any questions regarding the Gifted and Talented Program or services offered at Matapeake Middle School,

    please contact our Teacher Specialist, scotta.higdon@qacps.org