•   Welcome to the Taskforce for Accelerating Minority Achievement!

    Contact: Rondell Sorrell
    This group meets every other month to address the issues that are hindering the success of our minority students.  The group is made up of educators from every school, Principals, Central Office Staff, and Community Members. Everyone is welcome.
    All meetings are 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm and are held in the Board Room at the Board of Education in Centreville.
                                   Mission Statement
    The mission statement for the Queen Anne's County Public Schools Taskforce for Accelerating Student Achievement is to create and provide opportunities for minority students to achieve academic and social success. This will enable each student to reach their fullest capability in preparation for post-secondary education and college.
    This mission will be accomplished through the following actions:
    • Being a liaison between the community, schools and students.
    • Assist students in meeting academic and social success by identifying individual needs.
    • Meet future goals.
    • Monitor the achievement gap.
    • Identify, implement, adapt and monitor strategies for success.
    • Create opportunities for exposure to higher education.
    • Build strong self-concepts.
    • Promote cultural sensitivity/awareness with the Queen Anne's County Public Schools' staff and students.

    The following actions will be accomplished by being aware of current/recent publications and research and by attending conferences and hosting guest speakers.