• PBIS:  Matapeake Elementary School is aligned with the standards for Positive Behavior Interventions and  Supports.  We believe that “Good Character Is Anchored In Making Safe Choices, Exhibiting Responsibility, and Showing Respect.”  Research demonstrates that people respond best to 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction we may have, and that “5 to 1” philosophy is enforced here.  Students are recognized for their positive behaviors by receiving “thumbs up” stamps which they can collect and use to purchase items from the school store or for entry into monthly events.  Positive referrals and Anchor Awards are also schoolwide methods of recognizing positive behaviors.  It is important that all staff members participate in the practice of positive recognition to demonstrate buy-in and reward deserving students.

    It is essential that we follow the established Hierarchy of Response when unwelcome behaviors occur.  By following this checklist, students are taught appropriate behaviors, provided Tier One interventions in an attempt to correct negative behaviors, and have an opportunity to evaluate the intervention’s effectiveness.  

    Minor Incident Reports may be used by teachers to document behaviors which continue to escalate in spite of Tier One interventions.  The teacher will conference with the student and determine an appropriate consequence for the behavior, and parents will be contacted by phone.  Parents should also sign and return one copy of the report and keep the second copy for their own records.  

    Major Incident Reports are referrals to the office and will be handled by the Principal. The parent will receive a phone call or a conference will be held.  As with Minor Incident Reports, parents should sign and return one copy of the referral and keep the second copy for their own records.

    Finding effective consequences should always be the focus  of behavior modification approaches.  No child will change behavior if he or she feels unwelcome or disliked.  It is essential that adults work together to help students learn and develop appropriate behaviors.

    PBIS Matrix