This webpage is provided to assist students by providing our lessons presented during the school year. By clicking your class on the left hand side, you can access each lesson by date. Included in the lessons will be our class notes, our assignments, and answer keys.

    Use this site or our GOOGLE CLASSROOM when you miss a lesson or assignment or just to revisit something we did in class.


    Don’t forget, you are in charge of your learning. It’s all up to you. You need to do your best at all times and let me know if you are struggling. Remember to commit to yourself that you will know the material BEFORE you take a test. If you do not know something, find out how to do it PRIOR to the exam. Look through your notes, read the text, ask a friend, look on the internet, ask me or ask another teacher—just don’t settle for not getting it!


    I am here to support you and provide you with any additional assistance every day before school and every day after school, but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please let me know 24 hours in advance when you are coming in to see me and how you will be getting home (if you’re coming after school).


    Parents, this site is also for your viewing-- to keep you updated on what we are doing in class.


    Here’s to a great year!!!


    Success as defined by Sylvia Duckworth

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