• Lori  Heggelke, Chairperson
    Jennifer Huffman
    Jennifer Jefferson
    Mary Rice
    Maria Barbudo-Delgado
    Tracey Nicholson 
    Seal of Biliteracy
     Students will have the opportunity to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy April 1 and 3. If you are interested, you should visit this AAPPL DEMO and visit the FAQS for more information. Please see Mrs.  Heggelke with any questions.
    La llegada a los Estados Unidos: Stories of Immigration
    This series of oral histories was written by students in Sra. Heggelke’s Spanish 4 and 5 classes at
    KIHS during the 18-19 fall semester as part of their unit on Las identidades personales y
    públicas/Personal and Public Identities. Although the students had read testimonies, watched
    videos and even studied art works all depicting the theme of immigration, this project allowed
    them to learn directly by hearing first-hand accounts from Latin American immigrants.
    When sharing their written narratives with each other, the students identified common
    experiences woven through the immigrants’ stories, such as the difficulties faced when living in
    a new place and the struggles of leaving loved ones behind in their home countries.
    Other testimonies were included in this project but permission was not granted for publication.
    Note: due to the sometimes sensitive nature of the topics discussed, students were given a choice
    to conduct interviews in English or Spanish, depending on the comfort of the interviewee to
    communicate in one or both languages. As an exception, students taking the course for Spanish 5
    credit were required to conduct the interviews in Spanish.