2D Studio Art Distance Learning 2020

  • Welcome to Distance Learning for Schulte's 2D studio courses. 

    Within the first class we will establish our new norms for navigating distance learning for a production based course. We will be patient, understanding, and supportive to one another.  I am SO fortunate to have amazing students so I know we can make this work. I've missed you all so much and I look forward to making some positive progress though all of this. 

    1st Period: 9:00-9:30  Honors Studio 2 

    -Google Classroom join code> p7zvgee

    -Honors Studio (April 1-10th) proposed learning plan>Honors Continuity Plan

    -LIVE Google doc which will be saved daily> LIVE Honors2 daily lesson Doc  

    2nd Period: 9:45-10:15  AP 2D Studio & AP Drawing  

    -Google Classroom join code> tpc27eq

    -AP 2D & AP Drawing (April 1-10th) proposed learning plan> AP 2D & AP  Drawing Continuity Plan

    -LIVE Google doc which will be saved daily> LIVE AP daily lesson doc


    [3rd Period: 10:30-11:00 OPEN VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS]
    -LIVE Google Doc from 10:30- 11:am daily for general questions or project sharing> LIVE daily office hours 
    >If you require more private feedback/ communication please email me andrea.schulte@qacps.org 


    4th Period: 11:15-11:45   Studio 1 

    -Google Classroom join code> gl6ywxj

    -Studio 1 (April 1-10th) proposed learning plan> 2D Studio 1 Continuity lesson plan 

    -LIVE Google doc which will be saved daily> LIVE Studio 1 daily lesson Doc