• 2018/2019 6th Grade Supply List

    Two dozen pencils

    Cap erasers

    Handheld pencil sharpener

    Two marble composition books

    1-inch binder

    One package of loose-leaf paper

    Post-it notes: any size

    Optional classroom donation - Clorox Wipes, tissues


    2018/2019 7th Grade Supply List

    Students need:

    1 composition notebook

    4 Notebooks

    5 folders


    Loose leaf paper

    Classrooms donations:

    Lysol Wipes (All)

    Hand Sanitizers (All)

    Tissues (All)

    Expo Markers(Math)

    Ziploc bags (History/Science)

    2018/2019 8th Grade Supply List

    2 spiral notebooks (Montross ELA)

    1 manual pencil sharpener (Montross ELA)

    1 composition notebook (Rosendale ELA)

    Index Cards OR Post-its (Rosendale ELA)


    3 composition notebooks

    2 pocket folders

    1 prong folder

    4 packs of pencils (1 per quarter)

    hand sanitizer


    Clorox wipes