• Welcome to our Counselor's Corner
    An elementary guidance program is available to students throughout the year. Guidance activities are conducted within the classroom, in small groups as well as individually.
    What a great summer!! Hopefully we are getting back into our school routines and able to concentrate on learning all sorts of new things.  At Kent Island Elementary we have three expectations that we ask the students to follow.  Those are to be SAFE, be RESPONSIBLEand be CARING. I would like to remind students that it is okay not to like everyone, but EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect. Please discuss with your child the importance of respecting that everyone is different, not right or wrong, just different. Making fun of others, name calling and excluding others is wrong and hurtful.  We have an amazing student body at Kent Island Elementary and I want everyone to feel safe and accepted while at school.   Thank you for your support!