At KIHS we take pride in the appearance of our students.  Students have the responsibility of choosing their attire and arranging theirpersonal appearance in a manner that is respectful, healthy, safe, clean, and appropriate to the setting.  The school has the responsibility to make sure student dress does not disrupt the educational process and that the environment is comfortable for all.  The administration reserves the right to exclude any items of apparel or accessories, which are disruptive to school activities.

    Students are prohibited from wearing clothing which displays profane, obscene, objectionable, or overly suggestive phrases/pictures.  Clothing displaying lewd, vulgar, offensive statements, slogans, pictures or symbols toward race, gender, different culture or religion, lifestyles, etc., is prohibited.

    Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco and tobacco products, and/or weapons.

    Students shall not wear clothing that is unduly revealing.  This includes halter and tank tops, racer-back tops, half-shirts, see-through or mesh jerseys/shirts/blouses, strapless or spaghetti strap tops and tube tops.  Tops with one inch straps are acceptable.  T-Shirts are to be worn under basketball shirts.  Back and midriff must be fully covered.

    Students are not to wear head coverings of any kind in the building, unless given special permission by the administration.  This includes hats, caps, sun visors, bandanas, sweatbands, do-rags, hoods, scarves, etc.

    Students are permitted to wear shorts as long as they are appropriate for school and do not disrupt the educational program.  Shorts and skirt/dress hemlines must extend the length of the fingertips when arms are extended at the side of the body (approximately 6” above the knee).  Sleepwear and slippers, Spandex, leotards, and/or biker shorts are not appropriate for school.

    Male and female students shall not wear pants/shorts/skirts below the waist whereby the body or undergarments are exposed.  No pants/skirts worn 2” or more below the waist.

    Students should not wear chains, jewelry or accessories that could be viewed as potentially dangerous.Sunglasses are not to be worn in school.  Masks, face painting, or excessive heavy make-up that is distracting or disruptive to instruction is prohibited.

    Students who are inappropriately dressed will be asked to change, have parents bring appropriate clothing, or placed in in-school suspension for the remainder of the day.  Continued refusal to adhere to the dress code may result in additional disciplinary action for insubordination.