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MAT Towson University BA Latin American Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Mrs. Christina R. Booth


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My name is Mrs. Booth.  I teach Spanish at QACHS.  For the 2018-2019 school year, I will be teaching Spanish II and III. In just about every class, prepare yourselves to do a little of every mode of communication, meaning activities related to speaking, reading, listening, and writing in español.

Clase de Español II:  In Spanish II, we build on foundations covered in Spanish I, returning to commonly accessed terms to talk about ourselves, but we also work on increasing language vocabulary by talking about travel, our daily routines, ordering at a restaurant, using technology vocabulary, and discussing holidays.  In Spanish II, you will begin to use more complicated sentence structure to refer to the future, as well as the past.                                          Spanish II Syllabus

Clase de Español III: In Spanish III, you can count on taking your skills to the intermediate level, showing that you are able to more readily access the language you have already acquired, but are also working to develop more complex sentence structures to discuss your future world by examining what you are planning for, and then also verb formations that impart more of a conditional or hypothetical life situation of the future. 

You will master a slew of commands (ordering people around!), where you learn in polite, and sometimes blunt terms, how to provide instructions.  You will also gain the ability to understand and communicate in a tense known as the subjunctive (a verb conjugation that we don't have in the English language), which connotes a sort of hope or doubt happening in the present situation. 

While we work on mastering these new communication forms, we will integrate our unit themes of Cocina Hispana, Cuídate Bien (take good care of yourself), Pasajes de la Vida (the passages of life), Los Quehaceres (chores and errands to do), and Buenos y Malos Modales (Good and Bad Customs).  Spanish III Syllabus

La Profesora:  A little about your maestra.  I received my Master of Arts in Teaching from Towson University in May 2017, and have a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies with a minor in Politics from the University of California at Santa Cruz. 

I spent my internship year working in Anne Arundel County at Brooklyn Park Middle School and then at Annapolis High School.  As part of my teaching certification, I completed four university level Spanish courses: Spanish phonetics, literature of Spain, literature of Latin America, and peoples and cultures of Latin America and Spain.  I have also lived and studied abroad in Mexico, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. 

I am really originally from California, but have been living in the greater Washington DC area since 2008 when my husband and I came here for work with the federal government.  After many years of federal government service, I decided to change careers and live out a long held desire to become a Spanish teacher.  Without equivocation, I can say that I have made the right decision. 

Esperanza: I hope all my students see the great opportunities that learning another language can bring.  Knowing another language truly provides limitless possibilities and benefits. Foreign language acquisition strengths your mind, broadens your personal and global perspective, and increases your business and employment prospects.  Above all, knowing a second language allows you to connect to people, places, and ways of thinking that you are least expecting.  Entonces, preparamos para el viaje, y comenzaremos con los próximos pasos.

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