Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary Education, AAT Environmental Mgmt and Natural Science, BS STEM Secondary Education, MAT

Christine Betley

As a new resident in Centreville, I am very excited to be joining Centreville Middle School. This will be my 7th year as a classroom educator, having previously taught both Science and Math in Anne Arundel County and at Kent School in Chestertown. While my previous career, undergraduate studies and hobbies reveal my passion for Science and environmental issues, my true love is teaching and learning Math! As one of my 6th grade students once pointed out I am “weirdly obsessed with making everything mathy.” I am especially interested in finding and demonstrating the confluence of Math with all other subject matters, and as such earned my Masters in STEM Education. Whether it be while while hiking in Catoctin, sailing the Chesapeake, watching Navy football with my mom and my youngest kiddo, Eli, or building my little backyard homestead with my husband, Sam, our other 4 kids, our Golden Retriever Copper and many other critters, I find Math everywhere. As an eager learner with a bit of a short attention span myself, I love bringing these experiences to my students to engage in relevant, active, hands-on Math discovery.