125 Ruthsburg Road
    Centreville, Maryland 21617

    Mrs. Amy Hudock
      Mrs. Tracy Kenna 
     Academic Dean
    Mr. Jon Marketto
    Assistant Principal
     Mrs. Cassandra Cornish
     Assistant Principal 
    Queen Anne’s County High School Mission Statement
    The mission of Queen Anne’s County High School, in partnership with 
    family and community, is to ensure that all students receive challenging academic, 
    vocational, and cultural experiences; develop critical and creative reasoning skills; 
    and score proficiently on local, state, and national assessments. Queen Anne’s 
    County High School is committed to providing innovative and diverse programs of 
    study that emphasize the safety, dignity, and value of each person enabling them to 
    become productive, responsible citizens in a rapidly changing globally competitive society. 
    A graduate of Queen Anne’s County High School will be well-educated, globally 
    competitive and prepared to become a caring, productive citizen of the 21st century.
    Students have the right to a safe, respectful, and caring environment
    Students learn at different rates and in different ways
    Education develops the whole person –intellectually, emotionally,
    socially, spiritually, and physically
    Interaction with individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures teaches tolerance, 
    acceptance and appreciation of others
     The learning process is the shared responsibility of the students, family, community and 
    Academic Rigor builds career and critical thinking skills.
    Profile of Graduates
    The graduate of Queen Anne’s County High School will:
    • Have developed interests, skills, and competency to enter or pursue their chosen 
    • Be prepared to enter and be successful in higher level academic, technical or visual 
    and performing arts institutions
    • Be creative problem solvers and decision makers
    • Exhibit effective communication and life skills
    • Be productive and contributing citizens in a diverse and rapidly-changing world
    • Demonstrate a responsible work ethic
    • Be creative and critical readers, thinkers, writers, and communicators who are 
    technologically competent
    • Demonstrate good character and self-respect
    Objective #1: Academic Achievement
    By June, the students of Queen Anne’s County High School will demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. 
    The achievement of groups based on race, gender, socio-economic, and special education identification status will
    vary no more than 10 percentage points from the highest performing group. Measures of high academic
    achievement are:
    A. Maryland State Assessments
    B. SAT/ ACT scores
    D. Diploma data
    Objective #2: Interest and Motivation
    By June, the students of Queen Anne’s County High School will demonstrate a higher level of interest and 
    engagement in learning as demonstrated by a decrease in the number of students referred for disciplinary
    action resulting in suspension and/or expulsion.