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    The Department of Special Education, in cooperation with the Department of Student Services and the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, provides special education and related services to students identified as eligible to receive services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004. These services are designed to reflect the Queen Anne’s County Public School's (QACPS) commitment to ensure that every student demonstrates a commitment to high achievement and everyday excellence, possessing the skills and knowledge to empower them to thrive and continue to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially in a rapidly changing, globally competitive society. Provision of special education services is a collaborative process between families, general and special educators and related service providers, working together to ensure access to curriculum for all students with disabilities. QACPS staff strives to ensure a full educational opportunity for all students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment (LRE).
    Special education is grounded in the belief that all students can and will learn. It is the responsibility of QACPS to provide appropriate learning experiences for all students, to recognize and understand the unique nature of each student, and to strive for the educational success of every student. Individual educational needs of students with disabilities will be provided in an inclusive setting to the maximum extent appropriate. The learning process occurs through the implementation of educational goals, objectives and strategies that enable students with disabilities to achieve meaningful educational benefit.
    Joeleen Smith
    Supervisor of Special Education
    (410) 758-2403 ext.131
    202 Chesterfield Avenue
    Centreville, Maryland 21617

    Mandy Landon  mandy.landon@qacps.org
    (410) 758-2403 ext.131

    Medical Assistance Support
    Sharon Schipul   sharon.schipul@qacps.org
    (410) 758-2403 ext.271

    Clinical Resource Specialist
    Stirling Ward     stirling.ward@qacps.org
    (410) 758-2403 ext.179
    Special Education Teacher Specialists
    Tricia Smith        tricia.smith@qacps.org 
    (410) 758-2403 ext.182
    Andrea Jarrard       andrea.jarrard@qacps.org
    (410)758-2403 ext. 
    Courtney Pflueger-Turner      courtney.pflueger-turner@qacps.org
    410-758-2403 ext.
    Heather Maddy (Transition Coordinator) heather.maddy@qacps.org
    (410) 758-2403  ext. 260
    Katie Peternel (BCBA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst)  katie.peternel@qacps.org
    (410) 758 - 2403 ext.131
    Matthew Perry, Behavior Specialist  matthew.perry@qacps.org
    (410) 758-2403 ext. 224
    Infants and Toddlers 
    Dawn Fraser (Coordinator)    dawn.fraser@qacps.org
    (410) 556-6103

    Family Support 
     Jennifer Christian  jennifer.christian@qacps.org
         Partners for Success (ages 3-12)
         Laura Oesterling
         Family Support (ages birth through age 3)



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