English, Reading, Language Arts

Middle School

  • The Reading/Language Arts program at middle school is a rigorous and comprehensive one which addresses the processes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the contents of language and literature integrated within each course.  Each grade level is matched to the Maryland State Curriculum.   Major materials used include: 

    McDougal Littel:   Language of Literature

                                Language Network



High School

  • The High School English program includes four required courses which are integrated curricula including reading, writing, listening, speaking, language and literature.  English I and II provide a sequenced preparation for students to be successful on the English High School Assessment.

                 English I:     genre approach               1 credit

                English II:    genre approach               1 credit

                English III:   American Literature         1 credit

                English IV:  British Literature               1 credit


    All curricula are matched to the Maryland State Curriculum/English Core Learning Goals.

    Honors sections are available in English I, II, III.   At the twelfth grade level, the available course is Advanced Placement English, Literature and Composition, Parts I and II.  An elective, Advanced Placement English Language, is highly recommended for honors juniors in the spring semester.

    In addition, electives are offered in creative writing, journalism, mythology and folklore, speech, yearbook, and world literature.  For specific information on Honors sections and on course descriptions, please see the Program of Study.

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