• Vision

    The Office of English Language Arts will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to equip every student with the critical skills and literacies necessary to thrive in a globally competitive society.  


     The Office of English Language Arts supports all stakeholders by providing equitable access to a rigorous grades 3 – 12 standards based curriculum that will be customized and personalized to meet the needs of diverse learners.

    Through our service and expertise in content and pedagogy, we provide leadership in literacy and build capacity for schools to ensure responsive instruction for all students.

    Working collaboratively with students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, we support the design and delivery of authentic student-centered literacy experiences that promote self-reflection and continuous growth for all.

    District Areas of Support

    1. Develops, monitors, and revises the elementary and secondary language arts curriculum aligned to the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards.
    2. Researches, identifies, and develops digital resources to enhance the language arts curriculum and provides resources for responsive instruction that is customized and personalized for all students.
    3. Provides ongoing, engaging, and professional learning for teachers, administrators, reading specialists, and department chairs to build a capacity for deep understanding of the standards and best practices for literacy instruction in a student centered learning environment.
    4. Collaborates with the Department of Instructional Services to provide leadership for schools in using data to plan responsive instruction for struggling readers.