All students enrolled in Queen Anne's County Public Schools receive research training using a variety of methods and materials through their home school's media center curriculum.

    The elementary media program serves students from grades pre-kindergarten through five in various ways. All children benefit from the variety of materials available, some through self-selection experiences and others through the curriculum materials available to teachers. In addition, all children in grades one through five are scheduled for library visits each week. These scheduled sessions include time for book exchange as well as for instruction on numerous library, reading and research skills. The instruction may focus on such topics as dictionary and encyclopedia usage, understanding the Dewey Decimal system and the card catalog, both print and electronic, research skills and reading skills such as main idea, sequential order and comprehension. Elementary students are exposed to a wide variety of quality literature ranging from Caldecott and Newbery Award winners to Maryland Black-eyed Susan selections. The elementary media specialist strives to help children develop an enjoyment and appreciation for literature that will make them lifelong readers and learners.

    At the middle school level, the program builds on the skills and concepts taught at the elementary level. Each school uses a variety of resources, both traditional and electronic, to support the various curricula of the building. Accession, location and retrieval skills are taught and practiced in a supporting role to help students maximize their learning experience while at the level. The idea of reading as an enjoyable lifetime activity and to be a functioning contributing citizen is emphasized and encouraged.

    At the high school level, the media curricula culminates with refinement and practice of the skills learned at the elementary and middle school levels. Students practice the use of accession, location, and retrieval in a variety of content related assignments. Students’ access to the media center is enhanced by extended hours to allow further use of the facilities. The idea of providing skills to allow all students to become fully functioning citizens in an information-based global society is cornerstone of the program.

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