Physical Education

  • Elementary School Level involves a combination of physical activity and the ability to make appropriate healthy lifestyle decisions.  Students begin to acquire the knowledge of health related topics and to develop relevant physical skills to use later in life.  A personal commitment to daily vigorous physical activity, positive health behaviors is emphasized.  The curriculum and program is centered on healthy living, fundamental movement skills and active participation. Each student is encouraged to work to their potential while learning and practicing skills and knowledge. Students are regularly assessed on their progress

    Secondary School Level physical education is designed to serve as the capstone program in this area of study. Students  have options of selecting various field of the discipline  that include a comprehensive  course taught in nine weeks or elective courses in areas ranging from weightlifting and fitness to individual and team sports. In all of the areas students the goals of personal fitness, motor skills mastery and healthy long term lifestyle decisions are stressed. Students are assessed both formally and informally.

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