Queen Anne’s County Public Schools promotes high-quality service-learning experiences for all students to help them become active participants in making a difference in their community on a local and global level. Service-Learning combines meaningful service to the community with curriculum-based learning. Students improve their academic skills by applying what they learn in school to the real world; they then reflect on their experience to reinforce the link between their service and their learning. Successfully completing service-learning is a Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirement. A minimum level of at least 75 service-learning hours (five projects) is required from each student prior to graduation. 
    Service-learning activities allow students to spend a significant portion of their time engaged in meeting a recognized community need. Students should be provided with opportunities to engage in a variety of types of service-learning: directindirect and advocacy experiences involving Maryland’s Seven Best Practices of Service-Learning
    • Direct Service – Students have face-to-face contact with service recipients. Examples include tutoring other students, serving meals at a homeless shelter, working with the elderly in a senior citizen community, etc.
    • Indirect Service – Students perform a service without having direct contact with the recipient. Usually resources are channeled to help alleviate a problem. Examples include food and clothing drives, environmental projects, raising money for a cause through activities such as a walk-a-thon, etc.
    • Advocacy – Students educate others about a selected issue with the goal of eliminating the causes of a particular problem. Examples include writing letters to legislators or newspaper editors, creating web pages, creating and displaying posters within the community, writing and performing informative plays, creating educational materials for other target groups, legislative testimony, etc.

    In Queen Anne's County Public Schools, service-learning experiences are introduced to students during 4th and 5th grade. These elementary school service-learning experiences (a minimum of 15 hours) count as one service-learning project. During 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, students work to complete a minimum of one combined service-learning project each year (three total projects for a minimum of 45 hours during middle school) within at least one of their content classes annually to provide service that is beneficial to their local community.

    In high school, students complete at least one more project (a minimum of 15 more hours, provided they enter high school with at least 4 completed projects from elementary and middle school totaling a minimum of 60 hours).
    By the time students graduate, they will have completed at least five service-learning projects (totaling a minimum of 75 hours) that incorporate academic preparation and structured reflection. For more information about the high-quality service-learning in Queen Anne's County Public Schools, contact your local school's Service-Learning Coordinator.
Last Modified on September 23, 2019