• Prom + Graduation + Seniors at the Shore

    = Underage Drinking Mayhem

    You’re going to remember your prom for the rest of your life. It can be a time of laughter, dancing, fun, and celebration. But it can also a dangerous time. Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death among teens, and according to recent NHTSA (National Highway and Transport Safety Administration) figures, approximately 28% of traffic deaths of 15- to 20-year-olds are alcohol-related.


    The use of alcohol is frequently linked with other risky and potentially destructive behaviors, such as physical and emotional violence, sexual mistakes or misjudgments, unintentional injuries such as drownings and falls, and, of course, alcohol overdose. It takes only one such incident to turn what should be an event that is remembered forever as a celebration into a tragedy.


    Prom should be celebrated as an alcohol- and substance-free event, which takes the combined effort of schools, parents, law-enforcement officials, other members of the local community, and, of course, the students.


    Friends can help keep each other safe by Pledging to make healthy decisions. Support your friends by speaking up when you see them making questionable choices, especially where drugs and alcohol are involved.
    Click here to view important information and ideas for having a safe prom and graduation season!



     KIHS Graduation June 2, 2015

    QACHS Graduation June 3, 2015 
Last Modified on October 25, 2015