Queen Anne’s County Public Schools
    Task Force for Accelerating Student Achievement

    The Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act requires that each school system’s Master Plan and Annual Master Plan Update include goals and strategies for the cross-cutting theme Education That Is Multicultural (ETM).  The ETM Regulation (COMAR13A.04.05) defines Education That Is Multicultural as a “continuous, integrated, multiethnic multidisciplinary process for educating all students about commonality and diversity…It prepares students to live, learn, interact and work creatively in an interdependent global society.”  ETM supports academic achievement and positive interpersonal and inter-group relations and encompasses five areas – curriculum, instruction, staff development, instructional resources, and school climate.

    The Queen Anne’s County Task Force is comprised of community members, business partners, teachers, parents, and supervisors. Queen Anne's County Public Schools mission/vision statement includes a commitment to diversity, ETM, enhancing student achievement and eliminating achievement gaps. It is shared with all stakeholders.  The Task Force utilizes a 5-year plan to enhance student achievement and eliminate gaps. The Task Force for Accelerating Student Achievement assists with planning and includes representatives from diverse groups. Assessments are identified; disaggregated data is collected and analyzed; and strategies are selected to enhance achievement and eliminate gaps. 

Last Modified on July 19, 2018