Mr. Christopher Stecklair
Fourth Grade

I'm Christopher Stecklair, your new fourth-grade teacher, and I'm
thrilled to embark on this educational journey with you. Since 2010, I've been sharing
my love for teaching after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary
Education from Millersville University. Prior to that, I proudly served in the United States
Marine Corps for five years, instilling in me a sense of discipline and dedication. Hailing
from the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I've been happily married for nearly two
decades and my three grown children are away at college. I live in the scenic town of
Chestertown, jewel of the Chester River. Back in 1988, I had a taste of baseball glory as
a member of the Caln Township Little League B-League (Pitching Machine) champions
as a member of the National Liberty Insurance Company Rangers. When I'm not in the
classroom, you'll find me tinkering with electronic devices and living the ultimate gamer
lifestyle, as I have since 1993.