About Us

at Kent Island High School

Our Vision

ALL students will graduate from KIHS being academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to pursue their postsecondary goals and positively participate in civic engagement.

“KIHS…Where Success is Expected and Supported!”

Our Mission

Our mission at Kent Island High School is to develop well-rounded, independently thinking individuals that can compete in a changing and diverse world.  We, as a team, will do this by creating an environment where learning is valued as a continuous process. We are “A Collaborative Community of Learners.” 

Our Philosophy

We believe that Kent Island High School is a reflection of the community it serves. Accepting such a premise, it becomes the duty of the school to provide a program, which is flexible enough to allow for expansion, revision, and variation in the learning experiences we offer. In subscribing to this philosophy, we acknowledge the responsibility of the school to adapt to the changing needs of the community and society while working collectively to provide exceptional educational experiences for all students.

Our programs are designed to prepare all students for purposeful healthy lives after high school as responsible citizens in society, whether bound for formal post-high school education, immediate entry into the career world, or military service. In striving toward this goal, we offer a comprehensive program which promotes both cognitive and affective development. Further, we believe that all students can succeed in appropriate circumstances. Therefore, we work collaboratively to provide success for all students. In our effort to provide superior educational experiences for each student, we modify curriculum, utilize teacher talents, build student skills, employ community resources, provide technology, and consult with established agencies.