Mystery solved at Kent Island High Math Night


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STEVENSVILLE — Like the board game Clue, participants at the Kent Island High School Math Night used a set story with math clues to determine who, what, when, where, and how.

Math teacher Diane Adelesberger was credited with using her creative side to put the puzzle together.“A mystery is always fun to figure out even if it involves math,”she said.

The first of its kind event was sponsored by members of the high school’s mathematics honor society, Mu Alpha Theta. Students were involved in every aspect of the evening, from welcoming participants and explaining the process to assisting puzzle seekers with a math problem at all 12 tables that would provide them with the next clue.

Kristy Plocek, math teacher and advisor to the Mu Alpha Theta students, was pleased with their efforts to organize and prepare all materials and even provide the set up for the evening.

“These kids have a love for math,”said Plocek,“and they want to build the confidence of their peers who sometimes struggle.”

Gabi Bernhard, Isabelle Gamez, and Georgia Hines welcomed the participants. All seniors, the girls are concentrating on their futures.

“Math has helped me in other classes, 100 percent,” said Hines, who hopes to become an attorney.“I think a lot of students are scared of math for no reason.”

Gamez agreed.“Students just need to know that it’s ok to be wrong,”she said.“Just put yourself out there and you’ll get better. Keep practicing.”

Hines said that the society wants to do more community events, targeting the youngest math learners next month for the winter holiday and maybe an Egg Hunt at Easter time, with a little math thrown in.

Students Jadyn Brooke and Naomi Schrader who were seated at one of the numbered tables said math was their favorite subject.

“I like that it all makes sense, that there is one answer, it’s not wishy-washy like English can be sometimes,” said Brooke.

Nicholas Maloney of Stevensville Middle School was the winner of the mystery contest. Just a seventh grader, Nicholas is currently taking Algebra I. He also likes chemistry (memorized the periodic table when he was three says dad Christopher) and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The night was also set up for students who are finding math challenging in high school.Teachers led a program informing families how they can access their textbook online at home; sharing the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) website with test prep and other helpful resources; and sharing how to use a graphic calculator online at home.

“We don’t want students to feel stuck at home with no help,”said Jessica Lawrence, also a math teacher at the high school.“We want to help their family support base as well.


Math honor society officers Gabi Bernhard, Isabelle Gamez, and Georgia Hines served as greeters at the group’s Kent Island High School Math Night. LAURA TAYMA N


Kent Island High School math honor society members Caden Crook and Scott Fuller provide assistance to participants at the KIHS Math Night last week. 


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