Sept 10 – 16 National Arts in Education Week

Good Morning,

It’s a priority of ours to build strong relationships between our teachers and communities. With that said, two of our teachers were selected to do a special podcastfor QACPS so you could get to know them better—not just as a teacherbut as a person and an artist—beyond the classroom.

September 10 – 16th is National Arts in Education Week, show our “Podcast Stars” some love online as well.

Here’s the direct link to listen: 

ArtScene Podcast 2 – Amber Wright
(Dance) 2020 QACPS Teacher of Year

ArtScene Podcast 8 – Andrea Schulte Part I of II
ArtScene | the Podcast: Ep. 9 – Andrea Schulte (Part 2 of 2)
(Art) 2023 QACPS Teacher of the Year

Have a great week!

Dan Harding

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