Mark Wilhelm Legacy Recipient

Mark Wilhelm photo with AHA
Kate Poole, Jacquelyn Wilhelm, Mark Wilhelm, Kim Moore, & Michelle Carey

Mr. Mark Wilhelm Presented with the Leadership Legacy Award from the American Heart Association

Centreville, MD – Kennard Elementary School students assembled into their school auditorium for what was to be a musical performance on March 27, 2023.  Little did they know they were there for another reason as well.  Principal, Michelle Carey, welcomed the students and asked for the curtain to be drawn for the music teacher to present the musical performer.  

Kate Poole, Senior Development Director for the American Heart Association (AHA); Kim Moore, Development Director of the Eastern Shore AHA; and Mrs. Jacquelyn Wilhelm (wife of Mark Wilhelm and former QACPS educator and principal), were waiting with awards and balloons behind the curtain.  Mr. Wilhelm was taken by surprise and so were the students.

Mr. Wilhelm has been working with the American Heart Association on behalf of his schools for the past 40+ years.  He has led his students to accumulating over $300,000 in donations for this amazing cause.  It is because of his dedication and hard work, he has earned the American Heart Association Leadership Legacy Award.

Kate Poole presented the award and shared with the students, “Mr. Wilhelm has been helping with these programs for longer than I have been alive!”  The students were excited and honored to be there for the presentation.

Congratulations to Mr. Wilhelm and thank you for all you do for QACPS and AHA!

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