Student Resources

at Matapeake Elementary

PFY – After School Program

Partnering for Youth provides academic, enrichment, and recreational activities for students at Queen Anne’s County schools directly after dismissal.


Each year, our fourth and fifth grade students will participate in a Service-Learning project. Upon completion of each project, they will earn service learning credit towards graduation.

In the 2021-2022 school year, our fourth graders planned and organized a canned food drive to support our community families in need. The project was completed during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Every student was involved in the advertising, collecting, packing and counting of items. Our students were successful in collecting over 1,500 items for local families.

Our fifth grade students will learn financial literacy concepts such as resource management, producing, market forces, and consumption. Students will then develop a product, produce it, advertise, and sell it on market day. All proceeds go to a charity voted on by the students.   

Fourth Grade Service Learning Coordinator – Susan Kinnamon- [email protected] 

Fifth Grade Service Learning Coordinator – David Cherry – [email protected] 

Gifted & Talented (GT)

At Matapeake Elementary School, we provide enrichment opportunities for students who show exceptional talent in both academic courses and fine arts during our Flex Block and through pull-out programs.