Ms. Andrea Hipsky
1st Grade Teacher
410-643-3105 Ext. 1207

B.S. Elementary Education from Salisbury University; M.A. Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix

I believe in maintaining a supportive and fun learning environment to foster the best possible growth in each and every one of my students as they progress through my classroom. I have been teaching for 15 years and look forward to continuing to educate students for many more years to come. Queen Anne's County, while being the second county I have worked in since college (Talbot being the first), has been my home for the majority of my teaching career and I have enjoyed watching it change and grow as time has progressed.
I believe that each and every student deserves a voice in the classroom and a chance to receive the best education that I can possibly provide. To accomplish this, I strongly encourage classroom participation and consistently work on individual or small group lesson plans that cater to the needs of the various education levels in my room. While I run a well organized and efficient room, I also appreciate the little personalities that I get to see growing through interactions between each other and the learning environment as well. I believe that education is a calling and not just a "job" and do my best to exemplify that belief through the quality of my work and during my interactions with my students.