Nurse’s Corner

Here are some friendly reminders from school health services!

Please do not send your student to school sick with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting for 24 hours. Contact your private medical provider for medical concerns and diagnosis. This 24-hour period is with no Tylenol or Ibuprofen. If the fever, vomit, etc., restarts…so does the clock.

Additionally, students diagnosed with strep throat, flu, pink eye, or any other contagious illnesses must follow your private medical provider’s guidance regarding your child’s return to school. 

** INFORM your child’s bus drivers of any medical conditions you would like them to be aware of for your child’s health and safety to and from school.

ALL seventh-grade students must have the required MCV4 and Tdap vaccination, signed religious waiver, or signed medical waiver, per QACPS policy, to enter MMS for the 23/24 school year. Please review your BOE policy. 

ALL new student admissions must have complete and updated proof of Maryland-required vaccines. A parent/guardian religious exemption or physician-signed medical exemption is also acceptable to attend StMS school. 


Your child has 20 calendar days to become compliant. The following policy must be followed per QACPS.

This immunization record or other documentation must contain the month and year of each vaccination and the signature of a physician or health department official. The building administrator or his designee must approve the submitted documentation. All students who are non-compliant with the QACPS protocols will be reported to the administration and the PPW for follow-up.      

The building administrator shall not allow students to attend school unless they have submitted an official immunization record or other appropriate documentation, per QACPS policy. 

To attend a Maryland State School –

 1) Provide proof of updated and current vaccines.

2) Provide proof of an upcoming verified appointment.  ** However, if you miss your scheduled appointment within the twenty-day permitted time frame, you must remain home until the vaccine proof is received.

3) There is a medical and a religious waiver option as well that will be accepted.

** Update your child’s bus drivers yearly with any confirmed medical diagnosis to keep them safe and healthy to and from school. 

Please have consideration for the health and safety of others & do not send your students to school sick and contagious. 

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