Clubs & Activities

at Matapeake Middle School

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle school students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. 

The goal of NJHS is to build leaders and do service. Other than that, the activities are up to the NJHS members. Things like school awareness programs, volunteer drives, service projects, etc. are all decided upon through the school year by the NJHS officers and members.

Joining NJHS

7th and 8th grade students with a cumulative 3.5 GPA at the end of the fall semester are eligible to apply. However, academic accomplishment alone will not qualify a candidate for induction into the NJHS. There is an application and essay that will need to be completed by students looking to join. If your child is interested in becoming a member, they will need to pick up an application packet in the guidance office. Be sure to include all community service and leadership activities in which your child has participated in during their time at MMS – no activity is too insignificant! Completed applications are then rated by our Faculty Advisor Board and reviewed with the principal to determine who will be invited to be inducted into NJHS. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this process, but all communication should be initiated by students. Parents should encourage students to advocate for themselves and present their questions directly to the advisors. We also ask parents not to fill out the forms for the student as this is contradictory to the independence the NJHS seeks to encourage within its members. It is, however, highly recommended that parents proofread their child’s paperwork and guide them through this process. 

Member Obligations

Being a member of the NJHS is a high honor and along with it comes responsibility. You have to demonstrate outstanding scholarship, service, citizenship, leadership, and character. Now that you have been inducted into the NJHS, you will be required to:

  • Maintain a minimum 3.5 grade point average each quarter
  • Participate in NJHS-school-based service project
  • Complete minimum of 10 hours of individual service to the community
  • Maintain high standards of conduct (No Office referrals)
  • Demonstrate leadership and role model qualities in and out of the classroom
  • Attend all NJHS monthly meetings 
  • Participate in school-based activities
  • Pay $20 annual dues by your first meeting of the year

Chapter Bylaws