Mr. Edward France
Guidance Counselor
410-643-7330 Ext. 1112

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Social Studies, and History from Salisbury State University; Masters in Secondary School Counseling from Wilmington College

I am married and have two daughters. I have many interests, including coaching, music, sports (football, curling, hockey), Netflix series, stand-up comedy, superheroes, Star Wars, and Fortnite. My favorite book is It Doesn't Take A Hero by Norman Schwarzkopf. My favorite poet is Robert Frost. My favorite quote is, "When we lose ourselves in something larger than ourselves, it is then that we find ourselves."

My goal for this year is to “able” students, not enable them, through the challenges that they encounter during this particular time in their development. To help them find solutions to academic, emotional, social problems they may experience. Work on short term goals with students that will lead to "big picture" successes.