QACPS Masonry Students visit YMCA

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (QACPS) offers several Career Technical Education (CTE) programs for high school students.  The supervisor of QACPS CTE programs, Adam Tolley, consistently finds new ways for students to get hands-on experience in our community.  Mr. Tolley is fortunate to work with QAC Economic and Development Liaison, Connie Dean, on several career projects including a masonry visit.  Together they were able to partner with KRM Construction to allow students to observe hands-on masonry construction.

Michael Blackiston is the masonry program instructor at Queen Anne’s County High School.  In October, his masonry students were invited by KRM Construction to the YMCA in Centreville to observe the initial stage of commercial construction.   Mr. Blackiston shared, “QACHS Masonry students were able to visualize a real life commercial construction project in motion within our community. Understanding the actual building process and techniques involved in the masonry trade will extend their knowledge immensely.”

KRM Construction is a full service construction company headquartered in Chestertown.  Project Manager, Darell Hagerman, recently invited the students back to look at the progress and different stages of construction.  The students reviewed blueprints, toured the building, and some even laid bricks at a front pillar of the building.  Adam Tolley stated, “The memory of being able to say they helped build the YMCA will last a lifetime.  The partnership with KRM is truly appreciated and we couldn’t thank Darell and his team enough for allowing these students to get a real hands-on approach to masonry construction.”


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