QACPS Students Shine: Earn All-State Chorus Honors

Sarah Cannon, STMS All-State Junior Chorus
Sarah Cannon (STMS), All-State Junior Chorus

KENT ISLAND — Six outstanding students from Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (QACPS) have garnered prestigious All-State honors and are poised to captivate audiences at the 2024 All-State Junior and Senior Chorus hosted by the Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) in February.

Under the expert guidance of Choral Directors Reanna Sherman (KIHS), Kassidy Bowman (STMS), and Sarah Burrall (MMS), three talents from Kent Island High School, two from Stevensville Middle, and one from Matapeake Middle School will join forces for a remarkable showcase in Baltimore alongside other top-notch performers statewide.

Tomide Famuyiwa All-State Junior Chorus STMS
Tomide Famuyiwa (STMS), All-State Junior Chorus

Representing QACPS at the 2024 All-State Junior Chorus are Juniper Parks (Matapeake Middle School), Sarah Cannon, and Tomide Famuyiwa (both from Stevensville Middle). Meanwhile, the All-State Senior Chorus will feature Alexa Galbraith, Juliana Grill, and Eliana Ranelli from Kent Island High.

Juniper Parks (MMS) celebrating with friend Sarah Cannon (STMS) on winning All-State Junior Chorus
Juniper Parks (MMS) celebrating with friend Sarah Cannon (STMS) on winning All-State Junior Chorus

Michael Bell, QACPS Supervisor of Fine Arts, expressed, “Earning All-State Chorus is a testament to these students and teachers’ hard work and dedication. Only the most accomplished students from across the state are selected to participate in this annual All-State event. It’s the equivalent of making it to the BIG LEAGUES.”

Bell also thanked the teachers and families of all students participating for their ongoing support of these students’ creative endeavors, and Superintendent Dr. Patty Saelens congratulated everyone, stating, “This is so awesome!”

Eliana Ranelli, KIHS All-State Chorus, with father Michael Ranelli
Eliana Ranelli (KIHS All-State Chorus) with father Michael Ranelli

Dan Harding, Principal of KIHS, commended Choir Director Ms. Sherman, stating, “Ms. Sherman continues to impress with the way she is leading our Choral program at KIHS. We have an amazing Performing Arts program and these All-State winners are further proof. Congratulations to Ms. Sherman and our All-State Chorus winners. Thank you for making Kent Island High School proud!”

Ms. Sherman shared her pride in having these students represent Kent Island High School at the state level, stating, “I knew they were All-State material and now they get to excel in a unique choral experience that will make them leaders for our choir here at the high school.”

Julianna Grill (left) - Alexa Galbraith (right) KIHS Chorus
Julianna Grill (left) – Alexa Galbraith (right), KIHS Chorus

Reflecting on the auditioning experience, KIHS junior Alexa Galbraith remarked, “Auditioning for All-State has been an amazing experience, and to be able to perform in the concert soon, I know I will have an amazing time. Choir has been something I have always been passionate for, and it’s amazing to see others feel the same love at All-State!” 

Matapeake Middle School Principal Krystal Chambers expressed congratulations to Juniper Parks, sharing, “We are so proud of Juniper and her accomplishments. This honor is a testament to her perseverance and dedication. Also, we are truly grateful for our Choir Director Ms. Sarah Burrall for her leadership, guidance, and support of all of our talented singers.”

Juniper Parks MMS All-State Junior Chorus
Juniper Parks (MMS), All-State Junior Chorus

Dr. Jennifer Schrecongost, Principal at Stevensville Middle, added, “It is wonderful to see these students’ talents recognized. Mrs. Bowman, an All-State alumnus herself, has encouraged professionalism, confidence, and determination. Her ability to motivate her students while also providing supportive feedback they can immediately apply has contributed to the ongoing success of our program.”

The All-State Chorus is an annual event that brings together some of Maryland’s most talented high school music students for a memorable experience. Congratulations to the student musicians accepted in the 2024 All State Ensembles! The rosters are online at:

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