Queen Anne’s County Celebrates 23 Years of Character Counts! Promoting Values and Ethical Behavior in the Community

County Commissioners:
James J. Moran, At Large
Jack N. Wilson, Jr., District 1
J. Patrick McLaughlin, District 2
Philip L. Dumenil, District 3
Christopher M. Corchiarino, District 4

Media Contact
Beth Malasky
[email protected]


The Liberty Building
107 North Liberty Street
Centreville, MD 21617

e-mail: QACCommissioners&[email protected]

County Administrator:  Todd R. Mohn, PE
Executive Assistant to County Commissioners: Margie A. Houck
County Attorney:  Patrick Thompson, Esquire

Character Counts! Queen Anne's County People of Character Celebrates 23 Years! www.peopleofcharacter.org

Two decades ago, the people of Queen Anne’s County identified the significance of positive character traits and committed to integrating these values into their daily lives. In a continued effort to foster a community guided by strong ethical principles, the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners officially embraced the “Six Pillars of Character” in 2000, solidifying Queen Anne’s County as a “Character Counts!” community.

Character Counts!, an initiative advocating for the adoption and embodiment of the Six Pillars—trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship—has been instrumental in shaping the moral fabric of our community. This ongoing commitment aims to promote character development and ethical behavior among all citizens, both corporate and individual.

The collaborative efforts between Character Counts! and the Queen Anne’s County public school system have proven immensely successful. Over 100,000 character education experiences have been delivered to children, facilitated by an impressive cohort of over 1,500 volunteer character coaches and mentors.

“I have been a Character Counts! Coach in the past and the experience of working in the classroom gives great satisfaction, said County Commissioner Phil Dumenil. If you are on the fence about signing up to be a coach, please do it! The experience is truly amazing.”

Local businesses, organizations, and nonprofits have played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Character Counts! These entities have actively participated as Businesses of Character, offering volunteer support, financial contributions, and aiding in spreading the crucial message of good character throughout our community.

Through the unwavering dedication of Character Counts!, Queen Anne’s County continues to strive towards strengthening personal character traits, fostering families of character, and building a more cohesive and ethically sound community.

In recognition of the 23rd anniversary of Character Counts!, the Queen Anne’s County Board of County Commissioners extends an invitation to all citizens to join in celebrating this milestone. Let us commemorate the enduring impact of Character Counts! in shaping a community guided by values and ethical principles.

For more information about Character Counts! and its initiatives, please visit https://www.peopleofcharacter.org/.

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