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QACPS Families,

Safe Schools Maryland is an anonymous and free tips line and reporting system used
by our school district that is available to students, teachers, school staff members,
parents, and the general public to report any school or student safety concerns;
including mental health concerns. Safe Schools Maryland is Maryland’s only official
anonymous reporting system and operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,
365 days a year. Your anonymous report can be submitted by calling the tip line
(1-833-MD-B-SAFE / 1-833-632-7233), completing an online form, or downloading the
free Safe Schools Maryland app from the App Store or Google Play. information in English and Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

How are tips reported?

There are three ways to report information to Safe Schools Maryland anonymously:
App: SafeSchoolsMD available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play
Phone: 1-833-MD-B-SAFE (1-833-632-7233)

How does the process work?

Trained tip takers respond to tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
In cases of immediate life threats or crimes in progress, local 9-1-1 and law
enforcement will be notified immediately. In situations where a credible tip is impending,
but not immediate, or cases in which information is helpful to the school but does not
warrant immediate action, designated school officials are notified through the Safe
Schools Maryland
system. In all cases, specified school officials are notified for

Who can report a tip?

All members of the community can report tips.

Does this change how our school handles safety issues or follows up on safety-related incidents?

No. Safe Schools Maryland is just another way for information to come to the attention
of the school and supports your existing practices, policies, and initiatives. Safe Schools
encourages schools to leverage the program in their overall school safety

Does this replace 9-1-1?

No. Individuals should still call 9-1-1 in cases of emergency. Any immediate life threats
or crimes in progress that come into Safe Schools Maryland will be routed to 9-1-1
along with designated school recipients.

What should I report?

Any school or student safety concern.

How do I know my anonymous report/tip was received?

You will receive a response. You may receive questions if more information is needed;
therefore, retain the Tip ID and password, allowing you to access your submitted
report/tip after initial submission. Please keep in mind that you will not receive updates
on the situation because this is an anonymous reporting system.

What if I’m not sure of what I heard?

REPORT IT! It is better to report it and allow the proper parties to investigate it than to
not report it and risk someone getting hurt.

Where can I find more information?

More information is available at the Maryland Center for School Safety website.

What if the person doesn’t go to my school? Should I still report?

Absolutely. Provide as much information as possible, and we can get the information to
the proper personnel.

How long will it take to investigate my anonymous report?

Your report will instantly be sent to the appropriate contacts for investigation. The time it
takes to complete the investigation varies.

I didn’t hear about the student receiving a consequence. How do I know it was handled/investigated?

Because this is an anonymous reporting system and due to FERPA (Family Educational
Rights and Protection Act) / student privacy laws, we cannot disclose the progress or
results of an investigation.

Do school officials know how to handle anonymous reports/tips properly?

Yes, every year, the Maryland Center for School Safety holds many training sessions for
school officials to ensure they know how to handle anonymous reports/tips properly.

I am concerned about human trafficking. How do I learn more?

We recommend you visit the National Human Trafficking Resource Center or call
888-373-7888 to learn more about this important topic.

I am contemplating suicide or self-harm. Are there resources available to me beyond 911 or Safe Schools Maryland?

Yes, Maryland has a crisis hotline that you can call at 1-800-422-0009.

I am concerned about child abuse or neglect. How can I report that non-anonymously?

Child Protective Services offices across Maryland and other jurisdictions regularly
accept such reports. Queen Anne’s County Child Protective Services 410-758-8000.

See it. Hear it. REPORT IT! Safe Schools Maryland - Always anonymous. Always available.; 1-833-MD-B-Safe

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Joe Saboury
Coordinator of School Safety and Security
Queen Anne’s County Public Schools
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 106
[email protected]

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