at Sudlersville Elementary

Where Eagles Soar!

Our Vision

SES students will be empathetic life-long learners equipped with the academic and social skills and knowledge to be successful contributing members of their community.

Our Mission

Sudlersville Elementary School will work together, in partnership with families and communities, to educate all students to the highest level of academic achievement through the development of foundational skills so that students will SOAR socially, emotionally, and academically.

Message from the Principal

We’re excited that a new school year is underway! We wish all of our Eagle students and families a successful and enriching school year. 

– Mrs. Michelle McNeil, Principal

School Leadership & Staff

SES is home to a dedicated team that loves seeing our students succeed! Please use the links below to access staff contact information and bios.

School Improvement Snapshot

A Snapshot  for Parents


Goals for 2023-2024

ELA:  Increase the number of students reading at mid/above grade level for all grade levels. Increase the number of kindergarten students demonstrating readiness. Increase the number of students scoring proficient or advanced on state assessments. 

Writing:  Increase the number of students meeting grade level standards in writing.

Math:   Increase the number of students scoring on or above on the iReady assessments. Strengthen our focus on students that scored below target on the iReady assessment. Adopt universal math academic language and word problem solving techniques to be implemented schoolwide. Increase student discourse by providing questions that promote mathematical thinking and understanding.

Discipline: Implement practices to decrease behavior concerns, including Conscious Discipline practices and provide social and emotional support with SES staff (School Counselor, Social Worker, Title I Behavior Interventionist) on an ongoing basis.

Attendance:  Increase monthly attendance and decrease tardiness.  Notify families of students approaching absence benchmarks.

Special Ed.:  Implement strategies in reading and math that will decrease the gap of special ed students not progressing on curriculum standards.

EL:  Increase the number of EL students in the scoring proficient or advanced levels of language acquisition on WIDA. Increase explicit vocabulary instruction with the use of visuals.

School Initiatives and Professional Development

  • Utilize Data Analysis with leadership and all grade level teams with an emphasis on aligning instruction with the standards
  • Increase teacher efficacy in EL, provide opportunities for families to participate and be engaged in student learning
  • Provide professional development in math questioning and student discourse (Questions for Math Teaching book study)
  • Collaboratively plan lessons that address the needs of students based on data
  • Number Talks coaching to improve mathematical reasoning and communication skills. 
  • Implement RACES writing strategy schoolwide along with strategies from Writing Revolution
  • Increase teacher knowledge of the utilization of vocabulary strategies (word webs, anchor charts, writing notebooks, context clues) to increase schoolwide academic achievement 
  • PD focused on student engagement through the use of the gradual release model of instruction and instruction alignment to standards
  • Continue to build phonics skills using programs like Fundations, Orton-Gillingham, S.P.I.R.E, etc., and professional development on the Science of Reading
  • Monitor attendance closely and provide families with resources and strategies to improve attendance rate

Title I Home-School Compact

The detailed Title I Home-School Compact is available in PDF format.

School Improvement Plan

A detailed School Improvement Plan is available in PDF format.

Water Test Results

Water test results for all QACPS schools, including SES, may be found at the following link: